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Why use an Event Manager?

Last Updated: September 14, 2023

Planning and organising an event can be an overwhelming task. From finding the perfect venue to coordinating vendors, managing logistics, and ensuring a seamless experience for all, there are numerous details to consider. This is where the expertise of Salone Events and our event managers come in. The connections we have translate into incredible events.

“Very professional agency with high commitment and passion for event organisation. Extremely customer focused with attention to the smallest detail. Our guests enjoyed it a lot and will remember the event for a long time.” 

Claudia Zeller, Marketing Manager, Cembra Money Bank AG

Hiring an event manager like us can make all the difference in ensuring the success and smooth execution of your event. In this article, we will explore the top reasons why you should consider using us, Salone Events, for your next event.

1: It’s normally free!

It’s time to bust a myth… Whilst we can’t speak for other Event Management companies, using us, Salone Events, as your event manager to help plan, coordinate, and successfully execute an event, usually comes at no extra cost to you. So cutting straight to the answer, no, it is not expensive to use an event manager for a corporate event. You can read more on this topic here.

2: Network & Connections

With an an extensive network of industry connections, we organise evens that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Leveraging our relationships, we can recommend trusted suppliers and venues who align with your event vision and budget. These connections often result in better offerings, discounts, and enhanced services, ultimately maximising the value you receive for your event investment. Having access to these resources can significantly elevate the quality of your event and create memorable experiences for your guests.

3: Innovation

It’s in our blood to step it up a notch and provide a memorable event, and it is what we are skilled in – creating unique and memorable experiences. With a keen eye for innovative ideas, we elevate your event to the next level. We have the creativity and vision to transform your event into something truly exceptional.

4: Time & Stress Management

Planning an event, even a simple one, requires significant time and effort. From researching and negotiating with vendors to creating timelines and managing budgets, the workload can quickly become overwhelming. By hiring us as your event manager, you can offload these responsibilities and save valuable time. We’ll take care of all the logistical details, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your life or business.

5: Budget Management

One of the most challenging aspects of event planning is managing the budget effectively. We excel in budget management, ensuring that every pound is spent wisely and efficiently. With our connections we have built, we are able to secure incredible rates. We’ve extensive experience in negotiating contracts, securing favourable pricing, and optimising resources to stay within your budget constraints. We’ll help you allocate your budget strategically and make informed decisions that deliver high-quality experiences without unnecessary expenditures.

6: Experience & Expertise

We are event managers who specialise in creating and executing exceptional events. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, having organised a wide range of events in various settings. From corporate conferences and product launches to epic days out and social gatherings, we possess the knowledge and skills necessary to handle any event type. Our experience allows them to anticipate and mitigate potential challenges, ensuring that your event runs flawlessly.

Not sure we are up to the challenge?

“An event company that has the ability and talent to provide a reliable, flexible service. A personal company that prioritises customer satisfaction. It was an honour to share unforgettable moments with Salone Events.” 

Benny, GMCOM

Here are some case studies you can view to know that we are more than capable of providing you with a memorable, seamless event:

Case Study 1 – https://saloneevents.co.uk/event-management-case-study-cembra/

Case Study 2 – https://saloneevents.co.uk/event-management-case-study-charity/

Case Study 3 – https://saloneevents.co.uk/event-management-case-study-manufacturer/

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