Salone Events Track Day at Goodwood

Salone Events is well known for putting on incredible, high-end bring your own car track days.

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Our driving experience days attract an array of supercar owners.

COVID policy: If the event cannot proceed due to COVID regulations you will be credited the value of your booking for another 2021 track day. All of our events have COVID procedures in place. 

As well as having fun out on track, our days are known for being a great social event with everyone having a good time together.

With snacks, lunch and goodies available throughout the day, it’s an adrenaline fuelled, action-packed day out of epic proportions!

All of our track days are bring your own vehicle and limited in numbers to maximise your time on track.

You’ll meet and join a friendly community of super car owners, drivers and passengers, all there to enjoy the camaraderie of others and put pedal to the metal!

Salone Events is a member of the Association of Track Day Organisers (ATDO).

If you would like to learn more about driving on track, take a look at this.

2021 Track Days

Venue Date Noise Limit Price
May 2021
Goodwood Motor Circuit Sat 01 May 105dB static £505.00 Booking Closing Almost Sold Out Book Now
June 2021
Goodwood Motor Circuit Sat 05 Jun 105dB static £510.00 Book Now
Brands Hatch (Indy Circuit) Tue 15 Jun 105dB static £495.00 Book Now
July 2021
Goodwood Motor Circuit Sat 17 Jul 105dB static £540.00 Book Now
August 2021
Brands Hatch (Indy Circuit) Mon 09 Aug 105dB static £510.00 Book Now
Donington Park (GP Circuit) Tue 24 Aug Unsilenced £525.00 Book Now
Goodwood Motor Circuit Sat 28 Aug 105dB static £725.00 Limited Spaces Book Now
September 2021
Goodwood Motor Circuit Sat 25 Sep 105dB static £510.00 Book Now
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Reviews of our track days

Thanks for a really fabulously track day at Goodwood. One of the best I have done!


Look forward to returning for future track days with Salone Events


Salone Events track day was very well organised. Lots of supercars, everyone drove well, very fast circuit


Thank you for Saturday, it was epic! Very well run day and thoroughly enjoyed it


Was a great day and nice driving standards


What a great day, thank you! First time at the Goodwood Circuit and really enjoyed it


Frequently Asked Questions

What is required from the driver to participate in a Salone Events track day?

- You must hold a full UK drivers licence and present original copy on the day before being allowed on track.
- You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
- You must not have a medical condition or be on any medication that effects your ability to drive or that can cause sudden symptoms.
- You must have your legs fully covered, wear enclosed shoes, and if in an open top vehicle have your arms fully covered.
- You must attend the driver safety briefing at the specified time.
- You must wear a helmet anytime you are in a vehicle. If you do not have a helmet we can provide one, just add it to your booking when checking out. Cars without a windscreen wear a helmet that covers the whole face.

Failure to adhere to any of the above will result in you being declined access to the track.

Can I book extra drivers and passengers?

You can, just add them at the time of booking! We don’t recommend leaving it until the last minute, but if you haven’t booked them in advance then we have facilities on the day to process card payments on the day. If you wait until the day of the event to book on extra drivers and passengers then a gift bag will not be provided for those individuals. There is always a maximum of 2 people in a vehicle at any one time.

What vehicles are usually on your track days?

Our track days usually consist of supercars, hypercars, race cars and high-performance vehicles.

Do you provide the vehicles for your track days?

We do not provide vehicles for track days, so you must bring your own car otherwise you might be a bit disappointed! You can purchase an additional drivers ticket at the discretion of the owner of the vehicle. Alternatively, we offer passenger rides subject to the approval of the driver.

What happens on the day?

You will always receive a full itinerary before the event date, however as a general rule the gate will open at 08:00. From there, you head to the sign in desk and then get your car tested for the noise limit level. There is then a mandatory safety briefing before heading out onto track at 09:00. At 12:30 the track will close and you can feast on some lunch before the circuit reopens at 13:30. At 17:00, the event draws to a close - but make sure you collect your gift bag before leaving!

What does “noise limit” mean?

Race circuits are often located near to business and residential areas. To ensure we are being kind to neighbours, certain tracks have a noise limit. This is known as a Decibel (dB) reading.

All cars are subject to scrutineering before being allowed on track. If you know your car is excessively loud you may want to source a silencer to avoid disappointment as readings over the noise limit will not be allowed on track.
Having said this, our Donington track day on the 24th August is unsilenced, so go wild!

Are your events suitable if I have never done a track day!?

If you are new to track days do not worry – we are here to help! In the driver briefing you will be made aware of how to stay safe on track and be given tips on how to drive at your best.

If it is your first track day, we strongly recommend one of our track days at Goodwood Motor Circuit as tuition can be provided free of charge if needed.

Do you offer half day track days?

All of our days are full days, but we do have the option to add additional drivers, so if you can only do half a day someone else can do the other half if you are happy to share the vehicle.

What is there to do when not on track?

We have a range of partners that will be present at some of our track days which are always fun to chat to, as well as the Salone Events team! And of course, it is always fun to stand back and watch others push their cars to the limits.

What is included in the gift bags?

You have to attend a track day to find out!

What if I need to refuel during the day?

There are fuel stations very near to all of the circuits we attend!

Are the charging points located at the circuits?

Silverstone offers onsite charging facilities. Other tracks do not offer this service but charging points can be found nearby the circuits.

What about clothing - Do I need racing overalls?

Racing overalls are not required although you might be more comfortable wearing one. In all cars your legs must be covered, and suitable footwear worn - no heels or flip flops! Open top cars require arms to be fully covered. Helmets are required in all vehicles but if you do not have your own we can provide one – just add it as a requirement to your booking!

Do I get photos of the day?

Feel Good Films (formally known RLW Film) will be there to capture some shots. For all of our track days we have additional packages that you can purchase at the time of booking! All of the photos and videos shown on our website are from Feel Good Films – they’re awesome!

What is the minimum age for drivers and passengers?

Drivers - You must be over the age of 18 and have a full UK drivers licence.
Passengers – You must be over the age of 14 and have a parent or legal guardian in attendance.



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