Goodwood Track Day


Last Updated: May 24, 2021

So, you are thinking about booking for one of our epic track days, or maybe you already have, but you have some questions…  

Below we take a look at what is required to take part in a track day as well as some top tips! 

What is required?

  • Your car must meet noise limit and have 4 wheels! Our days vary between 92 drive by through to unsilenced days so check out each event and see what is best for you. Our Goodwood track days run at 105db static/101db drive by, our Brands Hatch track days run at 105db static/92db drive by, and our Donington track day is unsilenced so that is that one to go for if you have a noisy car!
  • You need to have a full UK drivers licence and present the original copy on the day otherwise you won’t be allowed out on track.
  • You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or have a medical condition or be on any medication that effects your ability to drive or that can cause sudden symptoms.
  • Your legs must be fully covered and if you are in an open top vehicle have your arms fully covered. You also must be wearing enclosed shoes – and no high heels! 
  • You must take part in the drivers safety. At Goodwood this is held at 08:30, but for Brands Hatch and Donington it is carried out online prior to the event (you will receive the link when you book!)
  • You have to wear a helmet anytime you are in a vehicle. If you do not have a helmet we can provide one, just add it to your booking when checking out! Cars without a windscreen wear a helmet that covers the whole face.

After booking you will receive an email which will outline everything that you need to know which will include documents to read to make sure that you are fully prepared for the day. 

Some top tips

  • Inspect every critical component of your car, we would also recommend having the car serviced if it has been a while since its last check.
  • Ensure your tyres are in excellent condition.
  • Make sure you read any emails sent from us in advance (check your junk folder if you can’t see any!) – they include documents that outline important things you need to know as well as the full schedule for the day!
  • Take a look into track day insurance. We strongly recommend taking out some track insurance as it can prove to be very worthwhile should the worst happen. 
  • Be comfortable – some people wear racing suits and shoes, others wear jeans jumper and trainers. Wear what you are most comfortable in!
  • Make sure you keep hydrated throughout the day, this can have a huge impact on your focus. 
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before, you need to be on your A game! 
  • Always complete a cool down lap before coming into the pits.

What happens on the day?

You will always receive a full itinerary before the event via email, however as a general rule the gates will open at 08:00. From there, you get your car noise tested and then head to the sign in desk. At some circuits there is a mandatory safety briefing at 08:30, however some circuits carry out the safety briefing online ahead of the event. The tracks open at 09:00. At 12:30 the track will close and you can feast on some lunch before the circuit reopens at 13:30. At 17:00, the event draws to a close.

We hope this article has helped you get an idea of what is required to take part in a track day. We have tonnes of frequently asked questions which you can take a look at here

Feel free to contact us with any specific questions, or check out all of our track days here!