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Last Updated: February 14, 2021

The ultimate motorsport enthusiast package!

We have created an epic driving experience, a Silverstone F1 track day package! We are combining one of our iconic Track Days at Goodwood Motor Circuit, with the long awaited British Grand Prix. In this post we take you through this hand picked VIP experience…

Get your car out on the Goodwood track  – 08:00 – 16:00

It’s time to head for the track, say your goodbyes and grab a coffee to go. Engine on ready to make your way to the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit to begin your Silverstone F1 track day package.

As you arrive at the gates you will spot the tunnel running under the track! Head through the tunnel! Eagerly awaiting you will be the Salone Events staff and friendly community of like-minded enthusiasts. All drivers will be encouraged over to the Jackie Stewart Pavilion where you will be greeted with big smiles at the registration as we welcome you, and settle you in with a safety briefing.

Next we head to the pits ready to put the pedal to the metal! Your adrenaline will be at an all-time high as you negotiate the iconic circuit. Starting at Madgwick, then Ford Water, then onto St Mary’s before Lavant, where you can really put your foot down. The ultimate test of the circuit is braking before the Chicane after Woodcote corner, which leads onto the pit straight. The best vantage point for spectators is on top of the pit lane as the reverberation bounces off the walls. 

We break for lunch and indulge on a stunning meal provided by the Goodwood Estate. At 14:00 we will stream the British Grand Prix Qualifying session so that we are up to date for race day. At lunch we indulge on a stunning meal provided by the Goodwood Estate.

We limit the number of cars in attendance to our Silverstone F1 track day packages so to maximise your time on track. In between sessions you can interact with our partners – Red Bull, Hotel Chocolat, Premier GT, Premier Car Hotel, GE Fire and Security, PGVM, Slammed, Amigo Wraps and Feel Good Films.

When the day draws to a close you will be given your epic drivers gift bag, full of goodies. You can enjoy your loot whilst getting ready to head to our hotel for the evening. 

Convoy to the hotel! 16:00 – 17:30

As a group we will head out on the road, in a convoy of exotic supercars. We can enjoy the camaraderie and the combined roar of the selection of cars, guaranteed to turn a few heads! 

At 17:30 we will arrive at the quaint Old Bank Hotel. The hotel is quietly nestled in the stunning Oxford high street and will be our base for two nights. Our group will be greeted with drinks and canapés, you will settle in right away. Although we can’t promise you anything, rumour has it we will be surrounded by family and friends of the Formula One teams and drivers…We know, how amazing does that sound!

Before dinner there will be time to relax. We will be treated to an exquisite meal with drinks. We have tried the food and we can vouch that you will not be disappointed. 

The old bank hotel is not your average hotel! The beautiful hotel bar is stocked with everything you could want; including gourmet food and gifts, super comfortable beds and offers fantastic service. Your car will be just as snug in its secure and reserved car parking space.

Experience the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

On race day we will hop into our private transfer that will take us to directly the Silverstone circuit. The atmosphere will be electric. 

The group will have VIP access to the Ignition Club… a true F1 fans dream. From this vantage point you will have six of Silverstone’s corners in sight. Oh and there will be another gift for you! We will indulge in exquisite food and a free-flowing bar through out the race. If it all gets too much we will have a dedicated table for you to rest your feet. Passionate fans will be delighted with the range of guest speakers that will be hand. These experts will guide us through every twist and turn of the track, providing insight on team tactics, standings and race history. 

After the race celebrations we will hop back to the hotel in our private transfer, where you can spend the evening as you wish. This will be one of our true legendary experiences creating lifelong memories for all who attend. 

Ready to book our Silverstone F1 track day package? 

Spaces for this ultimate experience are limited. If you would like to know more about our pricing, or learn more about the itinerary please head here. Our team are happy to help you with your booking. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don’t have a suitable car to take out on track? We have good news for you! If you want to join in the fun but do not have a car for the track, you can join us at the hotel. Please contact us for more information.