Event Operations Manager Sam, on his love of Motorsport

Last Updated: November 26, 2020

Sam how were you introduced to motorsport?

My first experience was definitely an interesting one. I was brought up by enthusiastic parents who had, or should I say still have, a collection of classic and vintage cars. Some 20 years ago, as a small child living in Dorset, I remember being told we would have to get up very early to avoid the traffic, we were going to Goodwood. I awoke to hear the garage doors creek open and the clunk of an old Mk 2 Jag starter motor and then the engine beat into life. It was always music to my ears. 

As we reached Chichester my father opened the windows asking if I could hear anything. I heard what sounded like a swarm of bees. 

So when did the passion spark?

I would always sit up front in the car with my parents and want to play with the switches on the dashboard that looked like a fighter plane console. The seatbelt was held together with elastic bands and as for the passengers in the back they just had to make sure they held on. The roar from the 3.4 engine meant we went like a train, eating up the miles this was very appealing. 

Who is your motorsport idol?

Lewis Hamilton has a well-documented F1 career and has a gift like no other. He inspires younger generations to strive for greatness, teamwork and humility. I have watched him like many others growing up and thought there is no greater Ambassador for the sport. 

Do you have a favourite motoring moment? 

When we rocked up to the Bentley Drivers Club meeting at Silverstone and saw all the classic cars from all eras lined up. A personal highlight was as a passenger during the parade lap around the track in a 1923 3 litre Bentley, the car that Bugatti called “the fastest lorry ever”. I remember being told that there was to be “no racing”, but no-one could help it because how often do you get to drive around this historic track!?

Thank you so much Sam, it is always so great hearing your stories. We are going to have a few more of these coming in the next few months, as Sam has so many memories to share!

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