A Q&A with our partner, Brentacre Insurance!

Last Updated: January 9, 2022

For those of you who don’t know, Brentacre Insurance Services are a family owned and run business specialising in modified and performance vehicle insurance – very fitting for our clients!

As new Salone Events partners we asked John and Darren some questions to get to know them even better.

Bentacre logo


Have you ever taken part in a Track Day, and if so where and in what car?

Darren: Rockingham in a TVR Cerbera and TVR Girffiths 500. Goodwood in an Autin Healey 3000

John: Numerous occasions and numerous cars! (Mainly Porsche)

If you could invite 3 celebs to dinner who would they be?

Darren: Peter Kay, Martin Sheen and Barack Obama

John: Angus Young, Jenson Button and Mark Occy

If you could drive any track and any car what would it be?

Darren: Monza in a Lamborghini Miura 

John: SPA in a Porsche 919 Tribute

In a race between Salone Events and Brentacre Insurance who do you think would win?

Darren: Brentacre 

John: Brentacre

If you could attend any Formula 1 weekend which would it be?

Darren: Brazil

John: Monaco

What is on your bucket list and why?

Darren РClimb Machu Pichu РVisit New Zealand 

John: Race in a GT3 Series – favourite car and favourite series


Why should people choose Brentacre Insurance?

Darren: We are not a faceless call centre – we are an office full of car enthusiasts who just happen to work in insurance!

John: Expertise! We are an office full of car enthusiasts who just happen to work in insurance!

What are your core values?

Darren: Professionalism. Understanding and caring about the individual. Taking pride in what we do.

John: Professionalism. Enthusiasm. Caring and taking price in what we do.

What are you most looking forward to with your partnership with Salone Events?

Darren: After the last 18 months of lockdown I’ll be happy going to any event!

John: Donington Track Days

Fun facts about Brentacre Insurance?

Darren: None of us know why Brentacre is called Brentacre!

John: None that we can share outside our office!


Top Gear, Bake Off or I’m A Celeb?

Darren: Top Gear

John: Top Gear

Hamilton or Verstappen?

Darren: Verstappen – Apart from that last race! (Abu Dhabi 2021)

John: Verstappen

Summer holiday, Driving holiday or Skiing holiday?

Darren: Snowboarding holiday

John: Summer Holiday

We had great fun getting to know Brentacre Insurance better and we can’t wait to welcome them along to our track days in 2022! To find out more about Brentacre Insurance you can visit their website here – and for any of you with specialist or modified vehicles it is well worth checking them out, they can cover the ordinary to the extraordinary, the slow to the super-fast and everything in between!