A Q&A with our partner, PGVM

Last Updated: February 15, 2021

We had a chat with our partner, Paul Grimshaw Vehicle Movements, to ask them some questions…


Have you ever taken part in a track day and if so where and what car?

Only once in a car. However, we are more inclined to the 2-wheel variety, Paul in his younger years was a big road racer and even competed at the Manx GP on the Isle of Man coming 4th one year. We also race motocross competitively and have even formed our own team competing in the British and maybe European championships. As we get older, I think we will be venturing more and more into doing track events in a car to get the same adrenaline fuelled day without the danger of falling off.

If you could invite 3 celebs to dinner who would they be?

David Jason – Being big Only Fools fans who isn’t a fan of David Jason. He seems to be the nation’s Grandad and you could sit down and listen to stories all night long.  

 James May – In the past we have had a brief chat about classic motorbikes and rather enjoy his sense of humour. After watching his latest program Oh Cook, he can do the cooking.  

Ranulph Fiennes – We have always been fascinated by adventure and some of the stories would be incredible to sit down and listen to them all. 

If you could drive any track and any car what would it be?

Porsche 919 Hybrid, Portimao. The Porsche 919 Hybrid is what happens when manufactures make cars that are not governed by motorsport regulations. Porsche then took this car around to famous tracks to smash the lap records. Portimao is a rollercoaster of a track with so many ups and downs and twist and turns and just looks incredibly fun to drive. 

In a race between Salone Events and PGVM who do you think would win?

Although 1 of our trucks has 730hp its still limited to 56 mph. So, if its truck vs car, Salone Events all day long however if it’s in the same vehicle, then easy, PGVM. After all we are classed as professional drivers. 

If you could attend any F1 weekend which would it be and why?

There is nothing like the home GP of Silverstone and the buzz around it. Being based just a couple of miles down the road we have been many times and can actually hear the cars from our yard. The only race close to this would-be Monza, Italy, the crowd, the atmosphere and the nostalgia of the race makes it. 

What is on your bucket list?

Paris Dakar rally. As a company we very much enjoy a challenge and experience more of the world trucking. Driving one of the Paris-Dakar raid trucks to each service station in the desert would be an incredible experience. 


Why should people choose PGVM?

PGVM is a family run business that has built itself upon reputation alone. Through hard work and dedication, providing a first-class service we have built the company up from scratch. We take great pride and care of our fleet of trucks which relates to how we treat our customers pride and joy no matter what the vehicle is. We fully believe what’s fading from this world, is the customer experience of the personal touch you get from a business.  What we aim to provide is a first-class service that is customer focused. 

What are your core values?

Our core value is that we fully believe in first impression and customer experience from when you first enquire to when one of our transporters arrive to collect your vehicle. We aim to provide a first-class service to transport your pride and joy no matter what it is and to go the extra mile if needed. We take great care and pride in our own transporters and this reflects on the service we provide transporting your vehicle.  

What are you most looking forward to with your partnership with Salone Events?

Although track events are an amazing experience nothing that can beat driving through the hills of Italy in a truck let alone a supercar. 

5 fun facts about PGVM

1.      If you have ever seen The Grand Tour, you may remember the first episode where the Holy Trinity of cars was tested at Portimao. In one scene the La Ferrari wasn’t allowed to be driven on the roads and was in a big white race transporter. This was actually Paul driving the truck and not James May. 

2.      After delivering cars to an equestrian event, unfortunately the truck was blocked by some fence’s posts. A very kind lady turned up in a Land Rover with some dogs and moved the fence for the truck. This lady was Princess Anne. 

3.       We have moved some very expensive and rare cars over the years. Some so expensive and priceless that if we move multiple cars into Europe, we need to do them on separate trucks and also separate boats in case one sinks! 

4.      Whilst working on the Top Gear live tour in Russia for insurance reasons we have armed guards driving with us. There is nothing like running red lights whilst the police hold up the traffic with machine guns. 

5.      Whilst working on a TV advert the question was asked “are you the driver” assuming that was meant as the truck driver we replied yes. However, this was meant as the stunt driver. This left us in the awkward position of not knowing what’s going on and a bit confused as cameras when being set up and directions were given on how to position the car. Turns out the actual stunt driver was stuck on the M25.  


Top Gear, Bake off or I’m a Celeb?

Bake off. As a company we have been working with Top Gear for over 10 years and now work with both Top Gear and The Grand tour. We have also been in the background of a few episodes. So it would have to be Bake off as truck drivers like cake! 

Hamilton, Federer or Ronaldo?

Hamilton. Growing up in what is known as motorsport valley in the UK, our whole lives have been based around some sort of motorsport. So to be honest I have no idea who the other 2 are.  

Summer holiday or skiing holiday?

Summer holiday. Although we are adrenaline junkies and do enjoy the idea of winter sports, our bodies don’t. With years of riding bikes, as soon as the cold hits, you definitely know about it. So would have to be a summer holiday so we actually sit back and relax. 

We had an epic time getting to know Paul Grimshaw Vehicle Movements more! We are delighted to have them as one of our partners, and don’t worry, when you book for one of your track days you will get the option to add their transport services!