McLaren Artura or 992 Porsche GT3? – The ultimate question

Last Updated: February 25, 2021

Head to heads just got a whole new bunch of exciting performance cars and we have picked two of the latest and greatest on offer…

They are two of the most highly anticipated performance cars of 2021 with two very different setups.


The new McLaren Artura is the replacement for the outgoing 570S and, with big boots to fill, it is a car that is definitely pulling some big numbers and this is supposed to be the entry level vehicle. This car isn’t borrowing any DNA from previous models as this is from the ground up a brand new car. Power is drawn from a twin turbo V6 attached to a battery electric powertrain giving it a combined output of 671bhp in a car that can reach speeds in excess of 200mph.

Gone are the days of only numbers to represent the model code. The Artura comes from Celtic origins the meaning of which is noble which is rather fitting for the level of clientele it is likely to attract. The Artura is the new age of McLaren looking to the future of the company with clever hybrid technology. 

Remember the P1? Well, that was the flagship not so long ago and the entry level has only gone and matched it for a 0-60mph time of 2.8 seconds. In what world does that make sense? We are yet to see one of these grace the track and McLaren have said the Artura is combining pure driver focused technology with an electrifying behind the wheel experience from a car you can live with and enjoy day to day. So we eagerly await to see one at a Salone Events track day!


The all new 992 Porsche GT3 is the car influencers and driving enthusiasts can’t wait to get their gloves on for. It has only gone and obliterated the Nürburgring time set by the outgoing 991 GT3 by more than 12 seconds with a sub 7 minute lap, but only just!. Let’s not forget that the previous generation is considered one of the all-time great Porsches so the 992 edition really had to up the anti and so far so good. It is the first in the current line-up to support a naturally aspirated flat 6 that we have come to expect but this engine is virtually identical to that found in the GT3 Cup car so we know it has some impressive stats although power output is only a smidge more than the outgoing car with 502 horsepower. Still an impressive 0-60 of 3.2 seconds for the PDK gearbox.

Porsche have also recently announced that they have released a synthetic E-fuel that is just as clean as a fully electric vehicle…so maybe there is hope after all that we will still be seeing more cars like this.

Comparison of the McLaren Artura and the Porsche 992 GT3

So why are these two cars rivals when they are set up for different styles of driving? One for the track and one for the road. It all has to do with the fact they are outlining the way forward for the next generation of their respective marques. It could be said that McLaren are future proofing my going down the hybrid route while the Porsche is going for one last hurrah unless this synthetic fuel proves combustion engines can keep up.

So again, we pose the question which one would win this epic head-to-head? 

First, we must ask ourselves are they true competitors.

The real answer is no, they weren’t supposed to be, but there are similarities to their performance. The GT3 was the direct competitor to the 600LT both being very track focused whilst the Artura was born to replace the 600LT… therefore these two are now the ones to battle it out.

The Porsche is most likely the better track car but in a straight line the McLaren possibly has the edge. As for looks for me it is no competition the McLaren is the better-looking car but what do you think?

Which one would you pick for your track day experience?

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