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A fun Q&A with our partner, Hotel Chocolat!

Last Updated: February 15, 2021

Craving the chocolate already!?

When Hotel Chocolat partnered with us, it was only right to sit down with their Events Manager, Marisa, and have a good chat…


Have you ever taken part in a track day and if so where and what car? 

I have actually, all be it a number of years ago. It was a track day at Thruxton with Porsche. It was both exhilarating and terrifying! A short safety intro and demo drive from the pro driver, where I had to peel my face from the side window. Followed by a white – knuckle ride, when I drove myself.    

If you could invite 3 celebs to dinner who would they be? 

Ayrton Senna, in my humble opinion the ultimate racing driver. Skill, speed and precision – immense!! Lewis Hamilton – no introduction necessary!  Dolly Parton – random, I know. But I feel she was pioneering in her song writing…. She could also double up as the entertainment.   

If you could drive any track and any car what would it be? 

Goodwood, in a vintage Aston Martin DB4 Zagato. Classic, beautiful and powerful!

In a race between Salone Events and Hotel Chocolat who do you think would win? 

I have to say Hotel Chocolat, as we would be Cocoa fuelled. The Theobromine found in Cocoa, is much like Caffeine, a slow released energiser so think the tortoise and the hare.

If you could attend any F1 weekend which would it be? 

Monza, in Italy. A slow drive down through the most amazing countryside, pit stops of great food and wine on the way. Followed by one of the most amazing and fastest F1 circuits, steeped in history and passion. 

What is on your bucket list and why? 

My bucket list for life is summed up: Live life to the full with no regrets.


Why should people choose Hotel Chocolat?

We are the only UK chocolate company to grow our own cocoa earning us our roots to wrapper credentials. We are passionate about creating luxury and innovative products, using honest ingredients. Our products are the result of cutting-edge technology meeting artisanal craftsmanship. We reflect our permanent quest for excellence in all that we do. Always aiming to bring happiness through chocolate!

Alongside creating the most incredible chocolate, we at Hotel Chocolat strive to be a force for good. We know this comes from looking after our people, our farmers, and our planet. This has been in our DNA since the beginning and is our code of behaviour throughout all areas of our business. For us being ethical is about doing the right thing not just saying it. 

What are your core values?

 Originality: We’re constantly striving to be fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead.

Authenticity: Chocolate starts at the roots of the cocoa tree. So we got stuck in.

Ethics: You work too hard for bad chocolate. They work too hard for cheap cocoa. We’ve been raising the bar for cocoa-growing since we started.  

What are you most looking forward to with your partnership with Salone Events?

The Salone Events partnership will allow us to DRIVE our mission to spread happiness even further. Personally, being a bit of a petrol head, means this is the perfect partnership. With Salone Events customer focus and constantly strive for excellence, I know we will be able to achieve great things, together. 

Fun facts about Hotel Chocolat

  1.  We have our own Hotel. We put the ‘Hotel’ in Hotel Chocolat. Set on the stunning Rabot Estate where we have our cocoa farm. In 2012 we opened the doors to our incredible boutique Rabot Hotel, overlooking Saint Lucia’s iconic Piton Mountains.
  2. You can be part of our inventing room. Feel like having an input of what products are launched at Hotel Chocolat? Our inventing room subscription box allows you to do just that. Taste and review our most creative, experimental, and off-the-wall innovations and become an extended member of our team. 


Top Gear, Bake off or I’m a Celeb? 

Top Gear – the original! Epic insight into some amazing cars, risky and speed fuelled.

Hamilton, Federer or Ronaldo? 

Hamilton – A sporting legend. All time hero……….

Summer holiday or skiing holiday? 

Summer – Because we see such little of the sun in the UK.  Love the sun and the feel-good factor it brings everyone! Not so great for the chocolate through!!

We had tonnes of fun chatting – of course whilst enjoying some Hotel Chocolat! At all of our 2021 track days at Goodwood Motor Circuit you will find their Chocmobile there – so book in to avoid missing out on mouth watering chocolate!