Donington UNSILENCED – A tale of two halves!

Last Updated: November 26, 2020

Donnington – The track that has been requested by you all, and as always we have delivered!

I always get asked the question how do you keep your events fresh and exciting? My response has always been by trying something new. I am so excited that we can now add Donington to our calendar as the infamous Moto GP circuit and it is not for the faint hearted.

We have heard the stories of the Craner Curves which have been referred to as a rollercoaster, so I know this track is definitely for the thrill seekers. Donington with its fast downhill can be rather unsettling if you haven’t positioned the car correctly. A moment which even the most experienced drivers will hold their breath for. 

Donington Park Circuit has had many attempts to get racing going again post war. The close Derbyshire and Leicestershire county lines caused problems with planning and it looked bleak that the track would ever be used again.

I certainly can’t wait to learn more about this circuit and to see for myself what it has to offer.  

One of our favourite clients Bruce has shared his previous experience from the track:

“I love Donington the GP circuit is fun and challenging, a circuit of two halves – a very technical series of sweeping bends, followed by a series of short straights separated by slow corners. The section through Craner Curves, is a good place to overtake with consent and as it swerves down the hill then followed by a rapid rise, this is the most fulfilling part of the circuit for me, not for queasy passengers though! It is a very fast circuit, and the facilities are first class!”

Bruce Cuthbert

So, what can you expect from a Salone Events track day at Donington? 

We are really excited to bring our clients to the Donington GP circuit. Unsilenced, yes you read that right….UNSILENCED, and plenty of track time throughout the day. Refreshments and lunch are included, and we also give our drivers a gift bag filled with handpicked goodies from a range of our partners. We hope to see you soon!

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