Thursday 28th April 2022

Thruxton Circuit, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 8PN

07:30 – Gates open
07:45-09:00 – Sign in at the “Thruxton Centre” building and noise testing
08:30 – Mandatory drivers briefing within the “Thruxton Centre” building
09:00 – Mandatory sighting laps/track opens
12:30 – Track closes
12:30-13:30 – Lunch within the “Thruxton Centre” building
13:30 – Track reopens
17:00 – Track closes

See below the venue map.  Salone Events staff will be located within the office shown on the attached venue map from 09:30. Prior to this we will be located in the Thruxton Centre for drivers sign on and briefing.




  • All drivers and passengers must sign on before going on track and agree to the following rules and regulations and complete the below form
  • By doing this, it creates a legally binding relationship in return for you being allowed to participate.


  • When you first arrive at the circuit and sign-in you’ll be given a wristband which you must put on yourself, it must be fitted securely to your wrist
  • Your wristband will be checked repeatedly during the day
  • Every time you go out onto the track, you’ll be asked by the marshal controlling track access to show your wristband
  • Both drivers and passengers are required to have a wristband


  • All drivers must attend a safety briefing before accessing the circuit
  • You will only be given a “briefed” wristband if you have attended the safety briefing and been present at it for its duration
  • All participants must follow these rules and complete the declaration below
  • If you do not follow these rules, you will be removed from the circuit


  • These will commence at 09:00 and are compulsory for all drivers
  • Each driver must wear their helmet and seat belts/harness
  • Passengers is front seats only, no rear seat passengers
  • Do not overtake until after the sighting laps finish
  • Please make sure you stay in the wheel tracks of the car in front, no weaving or dropping back


  • Enter only via the pit lane exit, one vehicle at a time
  • Your wristband will be checked and you will be denied access if you do not have one
  • You must obey the lights or signal from a marshal
  • Check for other vehicles on the circuit and keep to the entry side of the track until well clear of the pit exit


  • Only leave the circuit at the pit lane entry or as indicated in your briefing
  • Signal your intention to leave the circuit on approach, using indicators if fixed or raising a hand in the air (if in an open car)
  • Continue signalling until you have exited the circuit
  • The pit lane is a busy/congested area so great caution must be exercised at all time and a 20mph speed limit adhered to.
  • Thruxton is an active Airfield and as such all grounds on the infield of the circuit are a prohibited area.
  • Unauthorised access to this prohibited area can carry a fine from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of up to £5,000.


  • Only stop in case of mechanical breakdown or after a signal to do so from a marshal
  • If forced to stop on the circuit or a run- off area, try to park as safely as possible (far from the track and preferably behind a barrier)
  • Use hazard warning lights if infield
  • All participants from the vehicle must move behind safety barriers only if it is safe to do so and obey any instructions given by the marshals
  • If you think your vehicle is losing/depositing oil then you must pull off the circuit at the earliest, safe opportunity and not deposit oil on the track surface


  • This track day is a non-competitive track day and will adhere to strict track etiquette
  • Use rear view mirrors frequently to check for faster vehicles
  • Vehicles must overtake only on the straights and to the left of the slower vehicle, and not in braking areas or corners
  • If a faster vehicle approaches behind, move to the right on the next straight (not within a braking area or corner), using an indicator light if possible to signal your intention to do so and allow the faster vehicle to pass on the left
  • Only overtake when the car in front has acknowledged your approach and moved to the side of the circuit
  • Responsibility for overtaking safely is entirely with the driver of the vehicle carrying out the overtaking


Flag signals & lights will be used on the circuit. These will be explained in the briefing, however the main flag signals you will see are as follows:

  • Yellow Track hazard. Slow down. Be prepared to stop. No overtaking.
  • Red: Major Hazard – session has been stopped. Return to pits/paddock at no more than 25mph. Obey the Marshals instructions. Remember the track maybe blocked.
  • Chequered: Only shown at the start/finish area. Session over. Slow down and complete the remainder of the lap to the circuit exit point or as directed.
  • Striped red/yellow: Beware! Track condition has changed. This may only be shown for a couple of laps, when withdrawn it does not mean that the track has returned to its original condition.
  • Black: You MUST slow down and return to the pits at the end of the lap. Report to Track Steward – either you are breaking rules or the vehicle is faulty.
    Racing, drifting or driving too close to other vehicles is not permitted. Timing (or signalling of times) is not permitted. Please also try not to circulate closely to another vehicle as it increases the likelihood of a noise breach.


  • Photography at the circuit is prohibited unless for personal purposes only or under the instruction of Salone Events Ltd
  • You are not permi9ed to sell photographs that you take and they are not to be used for promotional or commercial purposes unless approved in advance by Salone Events Ltd
  • You must make it known to Salone Events Ltd if you do not want to be included in our post event photos or video that is used for marketing (vehicle included).


  • Any vehicle to be used on the circuit must pass a noise test prior to any track use
  • All vehicles must not exceed 90dba static, at three quarters maximum revs when measured at 0.5m and 45 degrees from the exhaust
  • Refunds or credits will not be offered should your vehicle fail.
  • The vehicle must remain in the exact same configuration (additional silencing/driving mode) on track as it was when noise tested.
  • Removal of and additional silencing or changing of vehicle driving mode alter noise testing will lead to instant exclusion from the day with no refund of fees
  • Any secondary/additional silencer/s must be fitted securely.


  • Read and sign the entirety of this page and complete the form
  • Wear a wristband (or appropriate signifier) adhering to these rules
  • Wear a suitable approved motorsport helmet
  • Legs must be fully covered as well as arms if in an open top vehicle
  • You must not drive under the influence of any alcohol or intoxicating drugs
  • Not smoke in the pits or on the circuit – it is a fire risk
  • Not eat, drink or chew gum on the circuit at any time


  • This track day is a non-competitive track day and will adhere to strict track etiquette
  • Only overtake on the left hand side.
  • Only overtake on the straights, not in corners or braking zones.
  • Don’t get too close to other cars.
  • No aggressive driving.
  • If you see dangerous driving, or are unhappy with someone’s conduct, please report this to a member of Salone Events Ltd staff
  • Please remember that speed differentials between vehicles are common on track days – if the vehicle or driver in front of you is slower, you may be approaching them quicker than you think


  • All drivers must hold a valid driving licence for the vehicles they intend to drive
  • If you do not adhere to the driving standards outlined in this document you will be removed from the track day without warning or refund
  • Passengers are only allowed in the front seat, no rear seat passengers
  • You must have a towing eye fitted to the front of your car. This is to make recovery quick and efficient though we cannot be held responsible for any damage to bumpers, splitters etc.. while assisting you
  • Seat beats and crash helmets to be worn at all times whilst out on circuit
  • In soft top cars you must wear a full-face helmet and arms and legs must be covered
  • In hard top cars you are allowed to use open-face helmets if you wish. Legs must be covered
  • No lap timing is permitted. Anyone breaking this rule will be removed from the circuit
  • Cameras in car, are permitted providing they are on proper camera mounts. If you are using a suction mount, you must have a secondary tether that can stop the camera from coming lose in the event of an accident
  • Hand-held devices are not allowed under any circumstances. If the driver or passenger is seen doing so, you will be removed from the track day without warning or refund
  • Windows should be kept closed but no more than 25% open for ventilation purposes
  • If you bring fuel on site, refuelling must take place outside the garages
  • Remember to drive within your ability. We aim to provide a safe environment for you to enjoy yourselves and improve your driving. If you require a driving instructor, please advise Salone Events Ltd
  • You’re less likely to lose control if your tyres are warmed up properly. Pease remember that it takes a lap or even two to get the tyres to the correct operating temperature
  • Start steadily, and once you’re comfortable, build your speed up. You’ll enjoy yourself more if you just take it easy and drive well within your limits
  • Conditions can change throughout the day, so be aware of this and don’t assume the track will have as much grip as it did in an earlier session


  • Be fully familiar with all of the above and below information
  • Check your fuel levels on a regular basis
  • 15-20 minute stints in the car to start with
  • Don’t use handbrake in the paddock area, leave the car in gear, so you don’t have problems releasing the brakes if they have stuck on when hot
  • Don’t feel under pressure to go any quicker than you are comfortable with
  • Make sure you take out any loose items within your vehicle


  • You must bring your original full UK driving licence. Photos are not accepted.
  • In order to keep our non competitive track days safe and enjoyable, we operate a one warning policy, after which you will be removed from the track day without refund. Participants must listen and adhere to all briefings and safety instructions throughout the track day, including flags, signals or warnings from marshals or any other representative of Salone Events Ltd or Thruxton. The decisions of Salone Events Ltd/Thruxton are final
  • All drivers must attend a safety briefing before accessing the circuit. You will only be given a “briefed” wristband if you have attended the safety briefing and been present at it for its duration. All participants must follow these rules and complete the declaration below. If you do not follow these rules, you will be removed from the circuit. Mandatory sighting laps take place at 09:00
  • Please make sure all in-car cameras or other equipment is safely and securely attached, using mounting systems specifically designed for that purpose Professional ‘designed specifically for the purpose’ suction mounts/adhesive mounts need a secondary secure fixing such as a tether. Helmet cams are not permitted
  • Please ensure arms and legs are covered and a suitable helmet is worn when out on circuit. Drivers of convertible cars must wear a full-face helmet (even if the roof is up)
  • No helmet hire is provided
  • Before you leave the day, make sure you come and grab your drivers gift bag. All pre booked drivers/passengers get one!

Thruxton Disclaimer

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