We can’t wait to host your driving experience at Brands Hatch, and here’s why!

Last Updated: November 26, 2020

Why Bernadette loves Brands Hatch!

Brands Hatch is a very exciting circuit with undulating twists and turns moving with the land, flowing around the Kent countryside. 

My Papa was a race car driver who raced in many serious including Wendy Wools. He raced Saloon cars which is where the name Salone Events comes from (Saloon in Italian is Salone!). He was so into his racing and actually ended up founding Revolution Wheels as there wasn’t anything suitable on the market at the time.  My Nan always tells stories of how she would talk to Papa in the pits to help calm his nerves before a race. She always encouraged him to be safe but insisted he go at his fastest. I wish I had got the chance to watch him race here but I guess the empty boots need filling, so I might have to take a lap for myself and make him proud. Motor racing has always been in my blood ever since I can remember, and this track is a testament to that. 

~ Bernadette, Director

Why Sam loves Brands Hatch!

Brands Hatch – The only track that has featured on all of my racing games. I know it very well, albeit virtually with its fast and sweeping pit straight and narrow corners. These features mean it is easy to make a mistake that could put you to the back of the grid. 

I am so excited to experience it for real and show my 8-year-old self how it is done. 

Brands Hatch is the track that accommodates all types of motorsport including the world’s fastest touring cars, British Truck racing and has also hosted a series of festivals introducing European NASCAR to the masses. 

The holy ground for historic motor racing Brands Hatch dates back to 1926 and originally was a grass circuit. The Kent circuit has seen victories from the likes of Moss, Stewart and Brabham but it has also featured non-motorised track events. In 2012 the Paralympic road cycling events had a very positive response from participants.

~ Sam, Events Operations Manager

We asked some of our clients to share their previous driving experiences at Brands Hatch…

“Brands Hatch is a challenging, iconic circuit. I love the first corner, Paddock Hill, which drops away dramatically and teaches you to trust your car and its dynamics. The fast GP sections are great places to refine your driving skill. As you drive around the circuit, you can just imagine what a thrill it must have been for racing drivers from the history of F1.” 

Paul Williams

“Brands Hatch is a great track with lovely pit garages! As you go down Hailwood hill and back up to Druid’s the whole car compresses into the floor as it accelerates which is not something you get elsewhere in the South. Also, there are few corners, so it actually makes it a very enjoyable track to learn quickly and explore the limits more all in one day.” 

Matthew Hunt 

So, what can you expect from a Salone Events track day at Brands Hatch? 

We are really excited to bring our clients to the Brands Hatch Indy circuit. 105dB static plenty of track time throughout the day. Refreshments and lunch are included, and we also give our drivers a gift bag filled with handpicked goodies from a range of our partners. You can view our Brands Hatch track days here. We hope to see you soon!