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A Fun Q&A with Feel Good Films

Last Updated: December 2, 2020

As a partner of ours, we had a chat with Feel Good Films and here is how it went…


Have you ever taken part in a track day and if so where and what car?

We have only had the pleasure of capturing track day experiences and further automotive events.

If you could invite 3 celebs to dinner who would they be?

Louis Theroux – I love his approach to storytelling and in combination with his awkwardness makes him a really interesting person that I would love to learn more from.

Ewan McGregor – Not only to hear about his amazing acting career but his worldwide adventures travelling on his motorbike with Charlie Boormen 

Michael Jordan – Being a huge fan of basketball I would love to hear all of the stories of the locker room in the Chicago Bulls NBA Championship run 1996 -1998

If you could drive any track and any car what would it be?

It would have to be Silverstone and an Aston Martin DB9, everyone would love to be James Bond of course. 

In a race between Salone Events and Feel Good Films who do you think would win?

It would have to be Salone Events, as I would be too in awe trying to capture everything than looking where I am going.

If you could attend any F1 weekend which would it be?

It has to be the Monaco F1. To visit a place of such heritage and wealth, to see for myself the intensity of the Monaco F1 circuit would be incredible. Count me in. 

What is on your bucket list?

I have always wanted to create a year long documentary following an individual, a group, a team of people through an imperative moment of their career in the sporting world. I am a huge fan of sport documentaries so this is on my bucket list to do. 


Why should people choose Feel Good Films?

At Feel Good Films we provide a solution of filmmaking that can only be found at Feel Good Films. Our approach to filmmaking is rather unique and the style of work is reflected in our business name. We want all of our clients and their audiences have that Feel Good feeling after watching our products. 

For us a film is more than just a pictures on a screen. It’s a story encapsulated in the things you see, the sounds you hear and the feelings felt by people experiencing it. At Feel Good Films, we create films to invoke emotion and tell stories in a way that hasn’t been experienced before. We want to ensure that all of our clients enjoy the filmmaking experience as much as we do (which we do a lot!). 

If you had any questions,  just take a look at our showreel. This embodies our style of work and how much fun we have doing what we do. 

What are your core values?

Genuine – We are front facing, our work ethic and outcomes comes from the heat, everything we do is authentic and makes people smile. 

Family – We’re inclusive of everyone, we are continuously moving forward together and everyone has impact. 

Passion – We’re continuously pushing the barriers of creativity and storytelling

Human – We’re all human

What are you most looking forward to with your partnership with Salone Events?

We have been so lucky to have known Salone Events for a number of years and seen them grow from strength to strength. We’re most looking forward to showcasing all of their premium experiences for their clients and growing with them next year. 

5 fun facts about RLW/Feel Good Films

Feel Good Films is built out of the passion for telling peoples stories

The CEO of Feel Good Films Ranald Lloyd-Williams has been creating films since the age of 10, it has all that he has known and has taken that passion and created an award winning film production company

Feel Good Films has operated all over the world, from LA to Bangladesh, we have taken our talents all over the world

Feel Good Films has a talent pool of creatives who all have a passion for filmmaking and all bring something extremely exciting and revolutionary to the brand

We have collaborated with some huge sports stars, from David Haye, Jamie Murray to Justin Holiday. 


Top Gear, Bake off or I’m a Celeb?

Has to be Top Gear you can’t beat it, although I do wish that the old presenters were still present on the show. 

Hamilton, Federer or Ronaldo?

Federer for sure, I played competitive tennis from the age of 7 and Federer was always an idol of mine. 

Summer holiday or skiing holiday?

Summer holiday…only because I am yet to attend a skiing holiday. I like to spend a lot of my time on the West Coast of America in the summertime, a lot of fond memories.

It was a fun chat! If you want to find out more about Feel Good Films visit their website here. They will be filming/photographing most of our track days this year too!