Track Days

A full motoring events schedule for 2021 after a false start.

Last Updated: January 31, 2021

Hope, Normality, Freedom. Just a few things we all can look forward to in the months to come. Lots of businesses have had to make some tough decisions on how to tackle 2021. For us we had to make the heartbreaking decision to remove our Drive Italy tour from this year’s calendar. But fear not as we still have a full list of track days, hospitality packages for major UK motoring events and both our Monza and Abu Dhabi tours will be joining the calendar in a matter of weeks so stay tuned. So it may have been a false start for 2021 but we still have a full schedule.

We are absolutely buzzing to be going into the year with plenty in the schedule to help make your 2021 epic. We also look forward to sharing our 2021 story with all our incredible clients, partners and supporters. With so much scope for the future, we are working our socks off to continue to provide our clients with a safe, and well executed experience across all our events. 

Our Track Days are classified Covid 19 – safe.

All of our track days are classified Covid 19 – safe. Our track days require you to bring your own car so there is no need to worry about cross contamination in your vehicle. All aspects of our experience are located outside. This includes the drivers briefing which is held outside and socially distant. We do have indoor toilet facilities which have soap and hot running water for washing hands.

Should Covid restrictions for an event change we will keep you updated. If we have to cancel an event due to Covid you will be credited the full amount so that you can use it on one of our other track days. We will try our hardest to guarantee this does not impact on your experience. We really think the best way to let off some steam and dust off the cobwebs after hibernating our toys, is to get out on the track!

A bit of news from the motor sporting world.

You may know that at Salone Events we are big F1 fans hence why we shall be attending 3 F1 races this year. What attracts us? Well, if last season is anything to go by it will be even crazier with new teams from the likes of Aston Martin entering F1 once again – 60 years after they left. We will also see new drivers moving up from different racing series such as Mick Schumacher, the son of the great legend Michael Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin; who by team boss has recently been told to grow up! We have learnt that the Australian and Chinese Grand Prix’ will now be postponed, and we await to see when these will be released.

Now something a bit more British and which was probably expected but Lewis Hamilton is finally set to receive a knighthood. His knighthood rewards his efforts not just on track but more importantly what he does off track to support and encourage young people to dream and his support within the BLM community. He is currently the only driver set for the grid in 2021 without a contract as he teases his potential retirement, but we all know he has plenty more to give! In the voice of Sir Lewis Hamilton in the face of last year and this year “Still We Rise”.